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Best Laptops & Tablet under 100 Dollars

Buying a laptop requires knowledge of some technical stuff about the hardware components and more its depend upon your work needs. But for a tight budget person who is looking for a laptop under 100 dollars, it’s very hard to find a laptop under this budget but can go with an alternate option such as an android tablet or refurbished laptop that can easily fulfill your requirement. On a low-budget laptop, you can do work like preparing a presentation in word, music, and Internet surfing.

I will recommend buying a refurbished laptop that is available on Amazon or from the offline store which is available nearest to your location. Because there are some chances that few of the good configuration laptops you can get in the old used laptops, that will work well as compared to a cheap laptop under $100. But select the product wisely before buying a used product from the offline market. Another option is that you can choose an android tablet which is good for doing all the basic work.

After all, if you don’t want to buy a refurbished laptop nor on tablets then I will not recommend buying a new laptop under $100. You have to spend at least 300 dollars to 400 dollars to buy a laptop. Here is the list of some peases which in the price range of 100 to 200 dollars. You can check the laptop under $200 list for improved performance laptops.

Note – The price of the product is controlled by Amazon, When we are preparing this list, the price of the product was under the range of 100 dollars.

1. Hbestore Portable Notebook Laptop

Display  10.1 inch LCD | CPU – 1.9 GHz | GPU  – Intel HD | RAM  2GB | Storage – 32 GB eMMC | OS – Windows 10


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Display  8.0-inch | CPU – 1.9 GHz | Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Camera  – 8 MP Rear &  2 MP Front | RAM  2GB | Storage – 32 GB | OS – Android Pie | Battery – 13 Hours


3. Fire HD 10 Tablet

Display  10.1-inch | CPU – 2.0 GHz | Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Camera  – 2 MP Rear &  2 MP Front | RAM  2GB | Storage – 32 GB | OS – Android Pie | Battery – 12 Hours


4. Dragon Touch K10 Tablet

Display  10.1-inch | CPU – 1.3 GHz | Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Camera  – Rear &  Front | RAM  2GB | Storage – 16 GB | OS – Android Oreo | Battery – 6 Hours


5. Duoduogo 2 in 1 Tablet

Display  10.1-inch | CPU – 1.5 GHz | Connectivity SIM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Camera  – 8 Rear & 5 Front | RAM  4GB | Storage – 64 GB | OS – Android Pie | Battery – 8 Hours


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